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£500 from the CFIW small grant scheme to pay for subsidised driving lessons for some of the members

Ta’aleem Alnyssa

Ta’aleem Alnyssa (which means ‘education for women’ in Arabic) is a group which focuses on the needs and aspirations of women from the ethnic communities in Newport.

Several members of the group have moved to Newport from a war zone or have personally experienced torture, assault and abuse. 

Some of the members of the group are attending driving theory classes to help them to gain greater independence and, in the longer term, employment. 

The women’s ultimate goal is to start a community business to provide wedding services to members of the ethnic minorities in Newport. 

To help the women to gain some experience in driving a grant of £500 was made to subsidise driving lessons for members. 

The scheme was so successful that even after the grant had been used the driving instructor (pictured) continued to teach the ladies at cost price!

“We had become very cynical and disheartened about the whole funding business. Some of us were almost at the point of giving up! So it was really encouraging and wonderful to meet people who were genuinely interested in our project and could see what it meant to us. The help of the Community Foundation in Wales has been invaluable to us - not just financially but also in terms of encouragement and support.”

Angela West

Taleem Alnyssa


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