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We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. If you have a question which isn't listed below please do phone the Foundation's grants team on 02920 379580 or e-mail [email protected] 

Pre-Application FAQ’s


Can I apply to more than one grant programme held by the Foundation?

Our grant programmes run separately therefore you can apply to multiple programmes at the same time, however please note that the programmes we operate do not usually run on the same timescale.


Can I apply to multiple programmes for the same thing?

Though you can apply to different programmes for the same items, if you are successful with one of your applications, you will be withdrawn from any other programmes as we are not able to double fund your project.


Do my supporting documents have to be submitted before the deadline?

Ideally your supporting documents should arrive with the hard copy of your application before the deadline.  However, we do understand that there is sometimes a delay in retrieving certain supporting documentation.  Unless stated, we will still accept supporting documentation of your application up to one week after the deadline date as long as your application is with us.  If you do not submit the necessary supporting documentation your application will be deemed ineligible.


I do not have internet access to be able to send my application electronically.  Can I still apply?

Yes, we still accept hard copies of applications – although we do encourage electronic applications. 


Does a hard copy of the application need to be with you before the deadline?

As long as we have recieved an electronic copy before the deadline we will accept a signed hard copy with your supporting documentation up to one week after the deadline, unless otherwise stated


What happens if we are successful with another funder for the same project?

You MUST let us know your good news as you hear, we are unable to double fund a project. If you do have another eligable project that you are seeking funding for it might be possible to put this project for consideration by the panel instead. 


What can I apply for?

Each of our grant programmes has specific criteria, from which you will be able to find out what your project is eligable to apply for. Tip: Most of our programmes are unable to fund large capital projects; try looking on our Signposting page for other funders who might consider building costs. 


What size of charity/group will you support?

This is dependent upon the grant programme in question. However, as a Community Foundation our focus is on supporting grassroots community groups working in their local community. As such we are unlikely to support national or UK-wide organisations or organisations or organisations with an annual income exceeding £1million. 


Do you support fundraising costs?

Unfortunately, none of our current grant programmes are likely to support fundraising costs.


Do you support places of worship or faith orientated groups?

The Foundation’s grant programmes support many groups which are motivated by faith values.  However, we are not able to support groups for a project that promotes a certain faith or are exclusively available to those of a certain faith.


Once you’ve submitted your application

Will I recieve confirmation that my application has been recieved?

Due to the large volume of applications we recieve we are not able to confirm the receipt of every application. If you apply for a grant using our online system you should receive an automated email confirming submission.

When will I hear if I've been successful or unsuccessful?
Each of our programmes has a different timescale, however we endeavour to have the results of the programmes between one and two months from the closing date. Some of our larger programmes can take three months for you to receive an outcome of your bid due to the increase in assessment required. You will receive a letter from us to inform you if you have been successful or not. 


What feedback will I get if unsuccessful?

Though you will be informed by post if you are unsuccessful in your bid for funding, due to the high number of applicants unfortunately we are unable to offer feedback to our applicants. However, if you plan to apply to another fund for the same project please contact us to discuss before submitting a further application. 


When can I reapply?

You are able to reapply to the next round of the programme you applied for, however if you have been successful in the last round preference will be given to those who have not recently benefitted from the programme.


Where else can I get advice?

Visit our signposting page for a list of alternative funding and support routes.


How does the Foundation assess our application?

There are different levels of assessment depending on the programme and the amount of grant applied for.  For larger grants, assessments are usually carried out in face to face visits, for medium sized grants a phone assessment is made and for small grants we rely on the quality of the application and supporting documents alone.


Who makes the decision?

For many of our programmes local grants panels have been established to make the decision. For those programmes that are not restricted by a specific geographical area the panel responsible for making the decision is often convened by the Fundholder. 


How do I make a complaint?

You are unable to make a complaint about the outcome of your bid, only the process.  If you wish to do so please e-mail [email protected] or send a letter to our offices. 


Congratulations, you’ve been successful in your grant application 

What happens if we change our mind on the project?

Please contact the Foundation to discuss any changes. Changes to the grant must be confirmed by a Foundation staff member in writing.  You can contact the Foundation by e-mail [email protected] or by letter.


How long do we have to spend the money?

Unless it is a large grant which will be paid over two or more years, you must spend your grants within one year of your grant offer letter.


What if we are unable to deliver on the timescale?

If you are unable to deliver your project within the year please contact the Foundation to discuss the options available to you. 


What happens if we don’t spend all the money we were awarded?

You are able to submit a request to the Foundation for changes to the same project.


How can I advertise my grant/project?

It would be great for the Foundation and/or the Donor who kindly funded your project to be recognised in any materials produced as a result of the funding awarded to you or in news stories mentioning the funded project. Please read our grant acknowledgement requirements on our Information for Grant Holders page.