We welcome applications from local charities, community groups and voluntary organisations that are engaged in tackling social need and economic disadvantage at a grass-roots level. Our clients are keen to match their giving to local needs and the following list, although not exhaustive, offers a flavour of the themes that our donors like to address.

• Community cohesion
• The environment
• The elderly
• Minority groups
• Young people
• Economic disadvantage
• Social exclusion
• Rural isolation
• Crime reduction
• Substance mis-use and addiction
• Skills development and confidence-building
• Education and Lifelong learning
• Sport as a vehicle for social inclusion

The current focus of our clients is broad, however, we are unlikely to support:

• Political organisations and pressure groups
• Religious organisations, where the primary aim of the project is the promotion of faith
• Individuals, unless the specific focus of a fund
• General appeals
• Sports organisations where no obvious charitable element exists
• Medical research
• Statutory bodies e.g. schools, local authorities and councils, although we will consider applications from school PTAs if the intended project is non- statutory in nature
• Animal welfare
• Arts and heritage projects unless there exists a clear, demonstrable community benefit
• Large capital projects
• Retrospective applications for projects that have taken place