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For companies wanting to support their local community, it can sometimes be difficult to know which organisation to choose and this is why many donors tend to support well known national charities.

Although national charities are important, the Community Foundation in Wales recognises that there is an increasing need to underpin community activities by supporting small and local organisations.

We are building an endowment fund to provide a permanent source of money to help those in need on an ongoing basis. Companies can pledge to set up a fund, bearing a name of their choice, to benefit Welsh communities.

Funds can be held for different themes, interests or areas in relation to the donor’s own charitable interests or we can allocate donations on the donor’s behalf.

If want to put something back into your local area or into good causes anywhere in Wales, or if you are in business which wants to contribute to the community around you, the Foundation can make it work for you by providing a complete business service.

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