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The Community Foundation in Wales is privileged to be working with families and individuals,as philanthropists and donors, to help them get the most from their charitable giving.

The Foundation offers a tailored philanthropy advice service and will manage your Fund according to your wishes. We will work with you to establish the parameters, criteria and focus for your Fund.  The Foundation’s team is happy to undertake research on your behalf into a specific need, geographical area, or issue and introduce you to relevant projects and organisations working in your area of interest.  If you wish we are also happy to arrange private project visits.  

The Foundation is committed to awarding high impact grants to organisations on behalf of its clients, producing yearly Impact Reports on your Named Fund to show what your giving has achieved.  

There are several options for your giving through the Foundation:


Named Fund

Choose between establishing your unique Named Fund for a minimum starting gift of £25,000 as either:

Fund for Wales 

Be part of this unique national endowment Fund for Wales. You can join our community of donors by gifting any amount to one of the five key themes.  Or you can set up your own Named Fund at the Fund for Wales with a £25,000 gift. 

Thanks to the Big Lottery your Fund all donations to the Fund for Wales will be matched - doubling the impact of your giving! 


Existing Local Funds

The Foundation has several Local Funds which have already been established by trust transfers and local philanthropists in many parts of Wales. You are welcome to donate to these open Funds, establish your own local Named Fund, and even invite others to contribute to, or fundraise for, these Funds. 


Create a Legacy 

The Foundation will work closely with you or your solicitor to manage a charitable gift in your will, enabling you to make a lasting impact on the causes you care most about.  

Information Sheets

We've complied the following information sheets which outline the Foundation's services: