Individuals & Families

We offer individuals and families who wish to establish a Fund a tailored philanthropy advice and management service. For example:

  • Early discussions or meetings, at your convenience, will serve to understand your interests, aspirations and how you would like to make an impact with your philanthropy

  • You may ask us to research a specific need, geographical area, or issue, or introduce you to projects and organisations already working in your area of interest

  • We will then work together to establish the parameters, criteria and focus for your Fund

  • The Fund Agreement and annual cycle will be agreed, and the Foundation will distribute grants according to your wishes

  • You will be invited to attend Community Foundation events, visits and associated activities throughout the year

  • Annual Fund Statements and Impact Reports will be presented at our yearly client meeting, and visits to those organisations you have funded will be organised as you wish.

However, some clients choose to establish an anonymous Fund, and ask the Trustees of the Foundation to use their discretion to direct grants from their Fund to areas of most need or impact. Others have already decided who they want to support with their Fund. Many of our donor Fund holders have chosen to set up a Fund at the Community Foundation in Wales, rather than setting up a charitable trust. Click here to find out why it’s cheaper, more efficient and simpler to establish a Fund at the Foundation rather than set up a Charitable Trust.

There are many variations on the theme, and we support clients in establishing Funds to meet their own interests and wishes. Please contact Liza Kellett, Chief Executive on Liza Kellett on 02920 536590 or email [email protected] to discuss how the Foundation could help you with your charitable giving.

“I chose my theme of travel and adventure because I recognise the long-term value on the lives of young people, and those they serve, when they volunteer to help others as they travel. I chose to set up an Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation in Wales because I wanted to see the benefits of my giving now, and for these benefits to extend beyond my lifetime when I have also left a legacy to increase my Fund. “

MS, Fund holder

Your options include:

Establish an Endowment Fund
Establish an Immediate Impact Fund
Donate to an existing Fund
Donate to the Fund for Wales
Cash, shares & assets, legacies