Localgiving.com is an online giving portal founded by social entrepreneur and ‘Secret Millionaire’ Marcelle Speller OBE, and co-owned by the Community Foundation Network. Marcelle has invested over £1million pounds and 2 years of her time in the project.

How it works
Localgiving.com enables local charities and community groups to raise money, awareness and support through web pages that they can write and update themselves. It also allows supporters to find, donate to and volunteer with charitable groups in their area that address the issues and help the beneficiaries they really care about.

Costs and benefits for community organisations

Why use Localgiving.com?
This website has been set up particularly to profile smaller charities and voluntary groups who may find themselves sidelined on other online giving sites - many other sites are not able to accept groups that are not registered charities. Localgiving.com can also help voluntary and community groups to maximise their donations by receiving Gift Aid – this is normally only available to registered charities.

Put simply, Localgiving.com can provide:
•A simple way of receiving online donations
•A shop-window to demonstrate the value of your work via your own web presence
•The chance to gain Gift Aid on all donations
In most cases, donations can be treated as unrestricted funds.

Who can register?
Registered charities and constituted voluntary and community groups can register with Localgiving.com. Groups that are part of a larger national body should have their own constitution and local management committee.

How to get started
The Community Foundation in Wales is required to carry out initial checks on all groups and organisations wishing to register with Localgiving.com, to ensure that every group listed on the site is properly run and managed.

If you have previously applied to the Community Foundation in Wales for a grant, it is likely that we already hold all the information needed to verify your group – just call 02920 536590 / email and we will make sure we have current details on file.

New to the Foundation?
If you haven’t been in touch with us before, you will need to fill in the brief form below, and send us copies of the supporting evidence requested. This will enable us to create a record on our database, and check that your group is eligible to register on Localgiving.com

Application Form

Registering with Localgiving.com
Once approved by the Foundation, you will receive an email invitation to log in to Localgiving.com and start to build your webpage. The web page template enables you to add logos, pictures and text simply, and you can also choose a name for your site to help people find your entry.

Not confident with building your web pages?
Both Localgiving.com and the Foundation will be able to help you if you find it difficult to get your web pages up and running. There is also a user guide available provide further guidance

User guide

As part of the registration process, the Foundation will be asked again to verify your bank account details, and we will also review your web content before it goes live. As soon as this is complete, your ‘Donate’ button will appear on your webpages, and donors will be able to pledge support to your work.

If you would like any further details about Localgiving.com please contact the Community Foundation in Wales on 02920 536590 or email