Professional Advisors

The Community Foundations in Wales is here to support you and your clients in managing their philanthropy efficiently and effectively. Our purpose is to work long-term to improve the quality of life, resilience, strength and vitality of communities in Wales. Our promise and passion are to connect clients with causes, enabling them to achieve far more than they ever could by themselves.

We help you in your work by:

  • Working alongside you as experts in giving, thereby supporting you in your client relationships

  • Providing you with tools and know-how to engage in philanthropic discussions with your clients

  • Connecting you to networks and information on philanthropy

Key Points for your clients:

  • The Foundation offers a flexible, quick and easy alternative to setting up a charitable trust

  • A Fund can be set up in a one hour meeting

  • Clients receive a personalised donor services with a dedicated Fund manager

  • We award grants in the donors' name (anonymity respected)

  • We target money to charitable groups by issue or geographic area, as decided by the client

  • We provide a service of managing grant-making for existing charitable trusts

  • Our services also include accepting the transfer of charitable assets to be either incorporated into our own funds or to maintain the existing charity under our trusteeship

  • We can help your businesses deliver your Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • We deal with all aspects of grants administration, Charity Commission reporting, programme management and investment management

Establishing a Fund at The Foundation:

Spending policies

Donors can establish their own named Immediate Impact or Endowment Fund with The Community Foundation in Wales, and receive full-service philanthropy and customised grant portfolio services.

Immediate Impact

£10,000 minimum Donations are spent in grants within 1 year The Foundation’s fee is 10% per grant


£25,000 minimum Funding creates a permanent capital base, the income is then distributed for charitable purposes The Foundation’s fee is 1.25% per annum of the capital sum

Types of funds

The grant-making criteria, focus, theme and geographical area are agreed with The Foundation, and your client specifies their desired level of engagement. Your clients can also leave funds to be managed at the discretion of the Foundation’s trustees.

Types of assets that can establish a fund:

  • Cash
  • Shares
  • Land or property
  • Legacies
  • Trusts
  • Payroll giving

A Fund with The Foundation can be an alternative for clients who are unsure if they want to establish their own charitable trust, or are having problems managing their charitable trust. To find out more about how a Fund at the Foundation compares to a charitable trust see our comparison matrix.

Tim Thornton-Jones, Partner with Lawrence Graham with over 30 years experience with private clients, offers the following advice:

“As a general rule of thumb, I advise my clients that a charitable trust needs to be endowed with at least £750,000 in order to generate sufficient income to be viable. Even when a client knows precisely what they wish to do, the preparation to the Charity Commissioners for registration can, typically, cost £10,000. An annual audit is likely to cost £5,000 and just the day to day administration can add another £5,000 per annum.”

Giving through the Community Foundation in Wales is enjoyable and rewarding. Your clients can see how their gift makes a difference. For more information, email[email protected] or call 029 2053 6590.