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How to Give: Setting Up A Fund

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Setting up your own charitable fund with the Community Foundation in Wales is a rewarding and exciting way of supporting charitable work in Wales, now or over the longer term.

A fund can be set up in your name, or your company’s name, and you choose what issues or areas your fund will support.

You can be involved as much or as little as you wish in allocating grants from your fund.

A fund gives individuals all the benefits of having a charitable trust, but removes the burden of appointing trustees, handling investments and dealing with correspondence.

For companies, it is an ideal way of meeting corporate social responsibilities and demonstrating commitment to the local community.

You can out-source your charitable giving programme, safe in the knowledge that grants will reach organisations that can use the money effectively. 

Our annual management fees are low and setting up a fund brings tax advantages for individuals and companies.

We undertake all the administration of the fund, including accounting, compliance with charity legal requirements and returns to the Charity Commission.

You can also draw on our knowledge and expertise when deciding which causes to support.

You can give to the Community Foundation in Wales in several ways;