The Community Foundation in Wales is an independent charity, established to strengthen local communities by providing a permanent source of funding to community based projects the length and breadth of Wales.

We provide a fund management and grant-making service to our donor Fund holders, enabling charities and grass-roots projects to make a real impact on the lives of people in communities across Wales. Grants are funded by donations from individuals, families, businesses and other charitable trusts: people who recognise the value of our philanthropy services in stewarding their charitable giving, maximising its impact, and administering and monitoring grants to demonstrate sustainability and legacy.

  • We encourage philanthropy for the benefit of community and voluntary groups, projects and charities across Wales: getting people giving in, and to, Wales

  • We work with donor Fund holders to identify their interests and objectives, helping them to meet needs and make an impact with their charitable giving: philanthropy advice and services

  • We help channel money to where it’s needed: using our local knowledge, research and needs analysis to identify where and how charitable giving can make the biggest impact: professional grants management services from sourcing through to evaluation